DSC_7173-EditI’ve always been a storyteller.

As a kid, I experienced the thrill of writing serial adventure stories and passing them to my classmates to read under their desks during class. I’d listen to feedback in the cafeteria and rush home that afternoon to add in more dinosaur battles or romance. Connecting with readers and giving them more of what they want — that was the true power (and fun!) of writing. Over time, I got better at anticipating their requests — and my reviews got better and better.

Now, I tell stories on behalf of others. Whether I’m blogging to attract clients for a ballroom dance class or posting on Facebook promoting a story a literary magazine has just published, my goal is simple: to anticipate the kind of stories — and voice -—that will be most engaging.

To make customers like you, to make them trust you, you’ve gotta have some personality. Lead generation and engagement are important, but they don’t come without a thorough understanding of your audience — and the kind of story your audience wants to hear. I pride myself on my ability to get to know that audience. To target them with my words. To engage them. Once you have your audience hooked, the path to conversion is simple.

Interested in learning more about me? Feel free to shoot me an email at cdeangio@gmail.com or check out my LinkedIn profile.

My specialties include blogging, social media management, copywriting, creating evergreen content, research, user experience, visual intelligence, channel management, customer service, content curation, project management, budget management, analytics.